Director's Message


“There is a tougher competition getting hired by an Airline nowadays. I have seen thousands of applicants line up to fill in only few openings. In the past, (at least during my time), you need not enroll in a school like ICATS to become a Flight Attendant. 

I also didn`t believe it myself, until I personally witnessed the commitment of International Cabin Attendant Training School in assisting aspiring Flight Attendants reach their dreams. The late Ms. Armie, founder and a good friend not only generously share her experience and expertise to every student but at times give students taxi fare from her own pocket to attend their interviews.

These legacy and commitment I am so privilege to continue and be part of.

I am so encouraged to also hear Sir Cenn Nuyda( most Senior Instructor of ICATS) tell the story of an interested businessman benchmarking in ICATS. This businessman pretend to be the father of an interested student, Sir Cenn willingly gave all information about ICATS and he continued by saying…” You can get all the information you can get Sir..but there is one thing you can never get.. the HEART.


The heart to PASSIONATELY educate Flight Attendant aspirants and the commitment to  assist   our students have meaningful careers are the mission that drives our founders Ms. Princess Joy Garcia and Arthuro De Leon. That drives them to continue ICATS despite many challenges. These challenges made ICATS stronger and better today.

ICATS provide not just out-of-the-box training program but WE DRAW the BOX.  The management, staff and instructors may all be different from each other in terms of personalities and Airline culture we worked with for many years   but we all agree on one thing..we are clear and dedicated in preparing our students for LIFE Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and EXCELLENCE.

Thank you for entrusting your sons and daughters to ICATS.  As we await another story of success, we will hold unswervingly to the hope set before us and we continue to strive for excellence in this field and partner with each of you in making your dreams come to life.

Because ... “ Your success is a measure of our EXCELLENCE”