ICATS Hands-On Job Assistance

Boldly marked in this process is the professed dedication and commitment of ICATS to its students in the fulfilment of their dream to finally experience their first take off and landing seated in a flight attendant seat and wearing a flight attendant uniform.  From the strategic scheduling of their application, the meticulous preparation of their documents, the rigorous mock interviews, the big ‘I’ day make up enhancement and grooming check, to the correct positioning in cue at the hiring/interview venue proper – ICATS ultimately stands out

ICATS Job Assistance is a unique process which prepares our students for future job interviews so that their chances at securing the job will be better. This way, applicants will gain more confidence and lessen their jitters or insecurities as they undergo the screening process. ICATS not only helps students build confidence, reduce insecurities and improve their skills and personalities, it also assists future flight attendants prepare physically and psychologically as they become part of the airline industry.

Many of the ICATS course graduates merited from ICATS job assistance program and have successfully been hired by some of the countries’ top airlines. ICATS graduates are now serving in the cabin crew in local airlines like Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air Asia, Zest Air and overseas flag carrier like Qatar Airways, Oman Airways, Yemenia (Yemen International Airways), Saudi Arabian Airlines affiliate NAS (National Air Services) Airways, among others.