Cabin Crew Programs

Experiencing the Life of a Flight Attendant

Cabin Crew Programs has 3 Flight Attendant training programs designed differently to meet the needs and wants of Flight Attendant aspirants. Though strategically designed differently, these programs aim to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude of Flight Attendant aspirants to be able to meet the criteria and perform the job of a Flight Attendant effectively.

Capturing the importance and significance of such, we are able to upgrade the level of skills of individuals in the airline in-flight service industry by providing skilled human resources and services with regards to the possible use of airline service and safety related equipment, tools and materials.

At the end of each program, trainees are granted a certificate of completion should they pass the competency assessment (phase) which will reveal if they are qualified to join the fast establishing professional pool of Flight Attendants, ready to serve both domestic and overseas requirements at their best.

  1. Direct Flight Program – Direct Flight, is an in-depth FA training program for young individuals who believe that further equipping themselves with the basic knowledge and enhanced skills and attitude will provide everything necessary in achieving their goal to become a competent FA at the airline of their choice.
  2. Connecting Flight Program – Flight attendant career is attracting more and more young people because of the opportunity to travel and experience the world. Today, there is a great demand for this job. However, trainee and fresh graduates can’t travel to Manila and do not know where and how to start. We aim to reach those who dream to become Flight Attendants. This program will increase awareness in starting to accomplish initial requirements as an incoming Flight Attendant. This is ICATS fulfilling our passion of turning dreams into reality. Realizing our mission in providing Flight Attendant training programs to aspirant across the nation.