Introducing, Improving, Transforming the Life of a Flight Attendant

ICATS Campus Programs has 3 different Flight Attendant programs designed to meet the requirements of universities and colleges across the regions and provinces of the Philippines.

These programs aim to help educational institutions INTRODUCE, IMPROVE and TRANSFORM the lives of aspiring Flight Attendants by letting their students learn more about the life of a Flight Attendant, the personal skills needed to become an airline professional, and the ways with which ICATS can help these students make their dreams of becoming a Flight Attendant, a reality.

FLIGHT 101: Introducing the Life of a Flight Attendant(45mins.- 4hrs.)

This half-day seminar provides aspiring flight attendants to have an initial look on how it is to work in an Airline industry. The first hand experiences of speakers aim to inspire participants in making a career decision in life.

FLIGHT 102:Improving Personal Skills to Becoming an Airline Professional(8hrs.)

With the many opportunities in air travel available to young people, we offer this program that will help participants understand the value and benefits of professionalism and excellence in the Airline industry. It will boosts self-confidence by banishing limiting beliefs and stir hope and faith for their own future.

FLIGHT 103: Transforming Flight Attendant Dreams to Reality(10-15days)

This is a 10-day or a 15-day seminar format. A combination of 3 modules of your choice depending on the need of the clients. It is a practice-driven training that further develops trainees to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Flight Attendant.

FLIGHT 104: Me After College Making a Successful Transition from College to Career(2-3days)

An ICATS Personality Development combined with Interview 101 program, this program is designed to help participants develop their personal skills necessary to help them again confidence and be secured individuals as they face the real world after college. The way you present yourself has a direct implication on the way you manage yourself. The result would be a radical transformation of mind body and spirit. A graduate that is confident and ready to thrive in a professional yet challenging landscape world with ease and confidence.