Ily Esguerra

Cebu Pacific

“I am ordinary no more, ICATS… made me someone better

Marionelle Espino

Air Asia

ICATS helped me gain confidence, even after my training and now that I’m flying, ICATS is still there for me.

Bianca Joy Regulacio

ICATS helped me a lot from the interview through the training proper. Studying here in ICATS brought me where I am today. People in here taught me the “what to do’s” during the interviews efficiently. The basic knowledge on how FA does their job and taught me drills effectively. So when the time came to perform drills during my training, I did it with ease because of the knowledge and techniques ICATS taught me.

Gene Mariel A. Cruz

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to the ICATS Family for helping me set a solid foundation in reaching my dreams to become a cabin crew and a wiz in the airline hospitality service industry ; In a short time I've been with ICATS its Faculty and staff especially Ms. Armie , Ms. Princess and Mr. Arth , they provided me with the sufficient knowledge and expertise that equipped me to be confident on my personal talents and capabilities to be professionally prepared in the industry I am a new , as the youngest among the class ( and the first to earn a job contract from local airline in less than a month after my ICATS Graduation ) I can say that ICATS prepared me well enough to meet the requirements of top airline companies here in the country , with the knowledge and experience I'll be garnering soon as I begin my career , I am confident that I'd be meeting as well the requirements of top airline companies abroad , with this expounding words in mind I can personally vouch if you choose ICATS you will certainly be making the right choice and a step close to your dreams .

Gladys Octavo

I am a woman who never stopped chasing my dream to become a flight attendant. It has always been my aspiration in life to pursue a career in the skies. Ever since I was just a child, I really wanted to be one. After college, I have tried applying in several airlines whenever I see an opportunity in the ads. Unfortunately, I was not always shortlisted for the post. I realized that perhaps it is really not the career for me, so I set aside that dream for a while. I worked at a bank for several years, made friends there, but I am not satisfied. I moved to Singapore in search of a greener pasture, but did not find the fulfilment either. Off to the Philippines I went to do some soul searching. I realized that deep in my heart, I still wanted to become a cabin crew and for me to do it, I should not just depend on my college degree, my personality, and sheer luck. I need to be equipped with the proper training and education to be at par with my contemporaries. I searched the internet for possibilities of entering a training school for cabin crews. When I saw a newspaper ad about the 40-day flight attendant training course, I grabbed the chance! I went to their office and enrolled. And they say, the rest is history. Training in ICATS is such a wonderful learning experience for me. It consists of intensive and well-designed training that prepares the students in meeting the flight attendant standards. They taught the correct information that would lead us to success in entering the career. They prepared the students well enough with regard to the role that we would be playing as a cabin crew and walked our way through the interview and application process. Each day is a learning day for all of us. The instructors are very professional and are experts in the field. They helped me hone my skills and knowledge. After completing the training, I became more confident in pursuing my dream. I continued applying here and there, waiting for God’s perfect time. I know I would be able to apply everything that I have learned in ICATS. ICATS helped me to fulfil my lifelong dream. Thank you, and more power to ICATS!

Joey Aquino

Philippine Airlines

ICATS provides everything a cabin crew must learn like safety standards and first class service which inline to international standards of airlines around the world. I am now a flight steward of our country’s flag carrier, Philippine Airlines. Thank you ICATS for helping me achieved of what I am today. - Philippine Airlines Flight Steward

Isabel Reyes

Qatar Airways

Greetings to all! I am Isabel Angel E. Reyes, a graduate of International Cabin Attendant Training School (ICATS), Davao Batch 1. I am very grateful to the ICATS family because they brought ICATS training here in Davao. They helped and molded me to become what I am today, a future flight attendant of Qatar Airways. Without ICATS, my dream will forever be just a dream.

Tricia Bueta

Air Asia

ICATS paved the way for me to carry on my desire to be a flight attendant and ICATS helped me whole heartedly as I joined their training, I never stopped moving forward and truly I will carry on ICATS training throughout my journey as a flight attendant. I salute ICATS!!